Meet Jenn

Jenn is an 18-year resident, wife and mother of six, graduate student studying Public Administration at BYU, Operations Director at Orem Youth Cycling Association, spent nearly 20 years in the healthcare technology field, and has served in countless positions in the community. And she’s just getting started!


As the mother of six – and spouse of 27 years – Jenn knows the value of family and community. She has children at every tier of the K-12 education system, at UVU, and at BYU! That’s why she’s committed to making “Family City USA” the best place to raise a family for anyone.


Upgrade Orem

If you remember the rec center prior to 2018 you probably remember a dated facility, poor attendance, and a run-down building. Residents knew it was time for an upgrade. Jenn served as Board Chair of #UpgradeOrem – the community group that advocated for a new rec center and library hall. These new facilities exemplify what can be accomplished when Orem residents are willing to put aside their differences and work together to make our city a better place

Operations Director at Orem Youth Cycling Association

Jenn has spent countless hours working with Orem’s youth where she has been able to teach the next generation about important principles while also learning from them. For example, she learned a lot about trust while serving as the Operations Director for the Orem Youth Cycling Association. When leaders trust the training process, youth trust their leaders, and everyone trusts that their bikes can handle tough trails, everybody makes it down the mountain together. Orem City needs that kind of trust in our community, in each other, and in our elected officials. She is committed to building that kind of trust. Her dedication earned her Volunteer of the Year at OYCA!

Head Swim Coach at Orem High School

She learned the value of listening while volunteering as the Head Swim Coach at Orem High School. Her swimmers often wanted to talk about their friends, challenges, or even college admissions. They’d sometimes pause practice to have these discussions because she knew that really listening outweighed swimming a few extra laps. Just like her swim team, Orem citizens’ priorities and concerns need to be heard! Jenn is committed to listening to your concerns as a city council member.

She has also volunteered as:

  • President, Orem Timpanogos Aquatic Club (OTAC)
  • Advisory Board Member, BYU Ballard Center
  • Broadcast Leadership Council, BYU Broadcasting

Jenn exemplifies what it means to be a civil servant; she’ll take that same spirit to the Orem City Council!


Her love of community and education led her to pursue a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the BYU Marriott School of Business. She will graduate in the Spring of 2024 and, if elected, will be one of the few city employees to have an advanced degree in public administration. Her education on how to run government cost effectively, improve community services, and build a top-tier organization from within will  give her a unique perspective and bring invaluable insights to the Orem City Council.